Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Please Read And Advise: My Parents Doesn't Want Me To Marry A Man From A Wealthy Family

I am 26years, a graduate and i do a personal trading business. 
Since I was a teenager, my parent have always told me NEVER to marry a rich man because they believed these rich men entice women with their wealth and that there is no love in such relationships.
 Last year, I met a guy who was an apprentice in a tailoring shop where I sew my cloths and we became friends. Initially, I didn't like him because he doesn't dress well to the shop, but each time we meet (on Sundays), he was always looking good. 
He lives in a self-contained apartment and claims to be a University graduate. He has good character and he is humble to everyone. Each time I wanted to pay him a visit, I always prayed he propose to me because I'd started falling in love with him .
On a fateful Sunday, I invited him to my family thanksgiving. His positive response made me love him more.
I introduced him to my parent as a friend and they liked him so much and even asked if he had proposed.

One day my pastor sent me a message that someone came to him  to ask for my hand in marriage and he wants me to meet the man. Initially, i was reluctant to go, but eventually, I did.
Interestingly, i found out it was HIM and my joy knew no bound. After a short while I gave him a YES answer.

He never comes close to me nor ask me for sex. He never even allowed me to sleep in his house for a night. Though, in my heart, i felt he was not "man" enough, so, i decided to give him some series of tests.

One day, while on a visit to his house, I told him was sick with the intent of sleeping over. It was around 9pm. Instead, he gave me N10,000 and called a cab to take me home and also treat myself. I came back later that night and when I got to his door, I overheard him speaking with his mother on phone saying; "Mummy, I have found the lady I want to marry and I want our wedding to be a surprise to her...".

I went back home without letting him know I came. The next morning, he came to my house and told me he wants me to visit his parents who live in Lagos. I accepted, but to my surprise, i found out that he is from a very wealthy family and he has his own personal company where he produces fabrics with a lot of staff working for him. He has built his own house too and he is set to marry me within a month.

BUT my parent has ever wanted me to marry someone that we can start life together.

How do I tell my parents about this?
What do you think I should do, continue with the wedding preparations
Wait for the man that we can start life together?
And How will tell him am no more interested since he hid his identity from me for so long?

Please I need your advice!!

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  1. the guy his looking for someone that would love him for who he is and not what he has (wealth).
    so i would advise you to go on with the preparations.

  2. This is indeed a tough situation. You need your parents to bless your marriage. I feel you should try to convince them that the guy is good.

  3. I think the guy is good. He was only hiding his identity so that he will get someone who will love him for who he is and not what he has. Since that is what your parents wanted, then I think they will agree. They already loved him, so discovering that he is wealthy shouldn't be a problem.


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